Taeger knows that our business, as conscious as we are, is part of the problem. As such, we have outlined our tenets below and highlighted the various ways in which we will ensure all facets of our business are conducted in a manner that is considerate of the environment and people alike. Sustainability and superiority are a unified approach. Environmentalism is not elitist; we seek to generalise and normalise this ethical responsibility.

Locally Sourced

We source our materials in Portugal to maintain our goal of sustainability. Locally sourced textiles help us support the local garment industry but also lowers our carbon footprint. This gives us the best possible sense of where our materials come from and to ensure the highest level of quality on our silhouettes. 

 Locally Made

Taeger proudly manufactures our footwear in Portugal. Our passion for hand produced footwear and craftsmanship gives us total control over the quality of each silhouette.

 Seasonless Collection

Our designs are free from the qualifications of traditionally seasoned footwear -  We ensure that each model can be worn all year around, and will always remain in style.

 Gender Free Collection

The entirety of our collection is unisex. Producing a footwear collection free from the constraints of gendered silhouettes helps further a more sustainable collection. Our designs are inclusive to all.

 Small Batch Production

Mass production is one of the most detrimental facets of the luxury fashion industry. We know that we at Taeger can do better. We have a demand-driven approach and would rather sell out our hand-made items, than contribute to the issue of mass production.

Sustainable Materials

Simply put, Taeger will always select the most sustainable material option when designing and manufacturing our collections. A detailed overview of our material selections can be found on the product description of each model.