A luxury footwear brand built on the principles that are most important to us: versatile design, comfort, sustainability, and fine craftsmanship. We believe that true luxury is only achieved when all four of these principles are present.
The vision for Taeger began in 2019 with a boutique range of shoe concepts, designed exclusively for the company with a no expense spared mentality. Only months later, industry veterans from the fashion industry in Europe would see the designs and introduce the Taeger brand to artisan craftsmen in Portugal who could help craft the shoes one by one. Taeger was now a reality.
"Taeger was born from my passion for design, high fashion and sneaker culture. Combined with inspiration drawn from my time spent in some of the world's most exotic locations."
Tyson Jaeger, Founder

A people-powered sustainable footwear brand.

Taeger was founded with a singular, steadfast goal in mind. To bridge the gap from the European runway, to the streets of Australia. An unwavering believe that beautiful quality and form don't have to be exclusive.

For the ambitious, challenging the system.

In a world where we are ever-connected, we still feel that there is a glitch in the system. A disconnect in the culture. We design to eliminate this disconnect. With our eye on the horizon, we are inspiring the next generation of tastemakers and rebels.

We're going against the industry and doing things right.

Taeger represents a global collaboration: from our design team and manufacturers in Europe, to our base of operations in Australia. We are a worldwide movement towards fashion that is never just aesthetic.

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