Taeger was founded with a singular, steadfast goal in mind; to produce high quality footwear that was socially and environmentally sustainable.

An unwavering belief that beautiful quality and form don’t have to have lasting consequences for our planet and its people. Sustainability is an ever-evolving concept, and we remain resolute in our commitment to being both ethically and ecologically conscious.

Through innovation with technical recycled and renewable materials, we are constantly pioneering methods and approaches to reduce our impact on the planet. Our entire collection is designed with longevity and wearability in mind; timeless styles and high-level craftsmanship ensures Taeger shoes last.

Taeger represents a global collaboration; from our design team in the Netherlands, to our manufacturers in Portugal, to our base of operations in Australia, we are a worldwide movement towards footwear that is never just aesthetic.

Our use of innovative and sustainable materials marries our love for functional, tech-inspired silhouettes, with our passion for protecting our planet. Every shoe we make is embellished with the Taeger stamp, a symbol of our desire to create a brand that will not only last 50 years; but will make sure there is even a planet in 50 years.