Taeger - The 17 Best White Sneakers For Men In 2021

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In case you’ve been living under a rock (or indeed on a rocky outcrop) for the past few years, you’re clearly aware that white sneakers are very much the current shoe du jour – a trend almost singlehandedly brought upon by the strategic relaunch (a very interesting story in its own right) of the Adidas Stan Smith tennis sneaker. Although if you’re been wanting to move on from the standards and go for the best white sneakers money can buy right now, pay attention to the list below.

There’s a good reason for the popularity of white sneakers, because they pretty much go with any outfit you can throw at them; pair them with a slim chino, cuffed denim, tailored shorts, or for the more adventurous of you a tailored suit; they really are the jack of all trades when it comes to footwear.

Given the meteoric rise of the style over the past three or so years, a range of different options have hit the market from brands looking to cash in on the trend. Unfortunately this market is crowded with a lot of poor cuts and variations, but it also means there are some awesome options at a range of different price points. We’ve waded through the aforementioned crap for you and have come up with some of the coolest white sneakers for men you can currently buy.


Taeger I Obek Low

Australian based label Taeger are well regarded when it comes to premium footwear made to a high standard. Their latest collection just reinforces that, sliding across two white sneakers – the Obek Low and Cupsole, both with 100 per cent vegetable tanned Nappa leather uppers. Go for the Obek Low if you want a light touch and a relaxed look that is easily adaptable for all seasons and styles. The Cupsole sketches a bit of that contemporary vibe onto a more luxurious silhouette, with a full leather lining made of chrome free leather – it’s the label’s most sustainable full leather sneaker to date.