Make your footprint on this planet a little lighter — literally.

As we are all becoming increasingly aware, some of the greatest technology solutions on earth are those found in the natural world. And as more and more individuals start to realise the importance of protecting our planet, companies are catching on and looking for innovative ways to manufacture quality products ethically and sustainably.  Whilst the heavy-weight sneaker brands may be trailing behind in the movement, it hasn’t stopped a select few from making their products the most sustainable on the market. To help relieve your conscience and lighten your footprint on the planet, we’ve rounded up the best sustainable sneaker brands for your ethical shopping.


Conceptualised down under, made in Portugal and designed in the Netherlands, Taeger's goal is to bring runway-ready footwear Down Under, with minimal impact on either the environment or your wallet. Retaining a premium air but remaining steadfast in the brand's commitment to sustainability, both of Taeger's genderless models make heavy use of recycled, and renewable materials.



Allbirds looks to mother nature to provide materials, and their staple is sugarcane. For those not in the know, sugarcane is so self-sufficient that when it’s processed, its biomass is extracted to literally power the mill and fertilise the next year’s crop.
Allbirds have managed to transform the material into their SweetFoam show sole, which counters to your feet for bouncy comfort.
The sugarcane used to make SweetFoam is sourced from southern Brazil, where it relies on rainwater, not irrigation. As well as being sustainable, Allbirds are also ethical as the sourcing of their materials is put to rigorous standards that protect both the people and the environment. The standards have been developed by Proforest, and the farms are audited by a third party.
The quirky growing brand is a certified B-Corp and uses natural and eco-friendly materials such as merino wool, recycled bottles and castor bean oil. Even their packaging is made from 90 per cent recycled cardboard. 



Veja might be the most recognisable shoe in the ethical fashion industry. The iconic V sneakers come in a wide variety of colours – from fun metallic pink to a minimal white and black look. Their sneakers are made from cotton and natural rubber directly sourced from producers in Brazil. They have sneakers available for men, women and kids. 

Adidas x Parley

The thought of shoes made from ocean plastic had most scratching their heads, but when it comes to sneakers it’s one of the more sustainable products on the market. Adidas has taken the plunge and partnered up with Parley to transform vast amounts of ocean plastic collected from shorelines and ghost-nets into super sleek and fashionable sneakers.



Po Zu 

Po Zu carefully selects ethically sourced and natural materials. The brand also uses Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton and reduces its carbon footprint by manufacturing its products locally. Their vision is for organic textiles to become a significant part of everyday life, enhancing people’s lives and the environment. GOTS covers the processing, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, trading and distribution of textiles. Only products that contain a minimum of 70 per cent organic fibres can become GOTS certified.




Born out of Brazil, yet engineered with an eco-warrior DNA that bucks against the trends that are seeing vast swathes of their home nation's environment destroyed. Every Cariuma sneaker is made out of considered materials, from the fair-trade cotton that goes into the canvas models, to the bamboo-based knitted material, to the sustainable leather they use for their suede shoes. Even the rubber used in their soles is sourced ethically.